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Sahrawi human rights defenders pointed to Algeria and Polisario for their "direct responsibility" for the plight of Tindouf camps people deprived of their most basic right to adequate food.

This finding was made during a debate in Geneva on the issue of food aid for sequestered populations organized by Oxfam on the sidelines of the 36th session of the Human Rights Council.

The drama lived in Tindouf camps is "the logical consequence" of the systematic hijackings of humanitarian assistance by leaders of polisario with the blessing of Algiers, said on this occasion Aicha Douihi, president of the Saharawi Observatory for Peace, Democracy and Human Rights. She cited as evidence the report of the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) which clearly accused Algeria and separatists of misuse organized for years of aid granted to the Sahrawi families of Tindouf camps.

OLAF report cites the names of those suspected of being the organizers of embezzlements that begin in the Algerian port of Oran where the sorting between "what must happen and what can be misappropriated" is carried out. The meeting also highlighted the deterioration of humanitarian conditions in the camps, situation due to Algeria's continued refusal to carry out a census of the inhabitants of the camps in violation of UN resolutions.

This attitude is in fact explained by Algerian authorities' desire to inflate the number of inhabitants in order to demand more international aid, said Said Achmir of the Forum Justice and Human Rights. Other speakers acknowledged that the absence of registration of Saharawis in accordance with Security Council resolutions facilitated the large-scale misuse of food assistance to the population as a result of the host country's refusal to comply with its statutory obligations .

They added that these populations are deprived of the food aid provided to them by the international community, as confirmed by the UNHCR and World Food Program (WFP) investigation reports. Investigations between the two institutions have concluded that the separatist leaders and many Algerian officials have benefited from this misuse at a time when this country continues to close its borders to human rights organizations.

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