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Tanzania stressed on Saturday during the general debate of the 72nd General Assembly of the UN that the Moroccan Sahara issue is exclusively the responsibility of the UN Security Council.

Speaking before the UN General Assembly, Foreign Minister of Tanzania, Augustine Mahiga, said on this subject "that with the return of Morocco to the African Union, expectations are high in Africa so that negotiations on this issue, which is on the agenda of the Security Council, receive renewed momentum ".

This statement is in line with the last Security Council Resolution 2351 on the Moroccan Sahara of 29 April 2017. It confirms that the examination of the issue is a process that is exclusively the responsibility of the Security Council, Secretary General Mr. Antonio Guterres and Personal Envoy, Mr. Horst Köhler.

It reaffirms, moreover, that negotiation is the only possible way to resolve the regional dispute over the Moroccan Sahara, permanently burying the obsolete plans to which other parties continue to cling desperately.

-News on Western Sahara issue/ Corcas-



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