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The Central African Republic (CAR) lambasted on Friday before the 4th Committee of the UN General Assembly the maneuvers of the "other parties" to hinder the final settlement of the Sahara issue.

"All of the proposed dispute resolution plans ... have been doomed to failure because of the maneuvers, obstacles and turnarounds of the other parties," said Ambassador Ambroisine Kpongo Permanent Representative of RCA at the UN .

This situation has prompted the Security Council to advocate, since 2004, the negotiation of a mutually acceptable political solution as the sole and only means of resolving the dispute over the Sahara, Kpongo said.

In this context, the Central African Republic "welcomes Morocco's efforts, described by the Security Council since 2007 as" serious and credible" and which mean the Moroccan proposal for autonomy for the Sahara region," 
 stressed the Central African diplomat.

RCA, she said, supports the UN-sponsored process of negotiation, "launched under the Moroccan autonomy plan, and reiterates the Security Council's appeal to all the parties to show realism and spirit of compromise for the settlement of this regional dispute ".

For Bangui, the solution of this long-standing dispute and the strengthening of cooperation between member states of the Arab Maghreb Union "will contribute to stability and security in the Sahel region and in Africa".

She also stressed that the historical context confirms that the Sahara constitutes "the continuity of Moroccan territory". She cited, in this regard, the international agreements on the Sahara, "including that of Madrid, which establish the Moroccan Sahara".

The diplomat of the Central African Republic also welcomed the "significant investments" made by Morocco for the upgrading of this region and the holding of legislative and communal elections "qualified as free, credible and democratic by international and national observers, wich witnessed the election of women and men from the Sahara region. "

The 4th Committee of the 72nd session of the UN General Assembly is attended by dozens of diplomats, lawyers, academics and associative actors.

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