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GCC and Morocco summit in 2016 reaffirms support of Gulf countries to Morocco in the Sahara issuea

Saudi Arabia reiterated on Monday at the UN its support for Morocco's autonomy plan to resolve the Sahara conflict, renewing on this occasion its support for the supreme interests and sovereignty of the Kingdom.

Speaking before the 4th UN Committee, Saudi Arabia's representative, Manal Radouan, said the Riyadh Declaration adopted at the Morocco-GCC Summit (Gulf Cooperation Council) held in April 2016, renewed the position of principle of the GCC countries supporting the position of the Kingdom of Morocco and supporting the Moroccan plan which offers autonomous status to the Sahara.

The diplomat emphasized a "constructive initiative aimed at achieving a mutually acceptable solution" to the artificial conflict around the Moroccan Sahara.

Autonomy, she argued, is a "compromise solution, in accordance with international law, Charter of the United Nations and resolutions of the Security Council and the General Assembly, while responding to the right to self-determination ".

Saudi Arabia also welcomed Morocco's coordination with UN human rights bodies, as well as the Kingdom's efforts in the socio-economic development of the Sahara, and called on "all parties concerned to give priority to dialogue and openness to innovative ideas in order to reach a negotiated political solution "to the conflict.

The Saudi diplomat stressed her country's refusal of "any act detrimental to the supreme interests of Morocco and its sovereignty", affirming, moreover, that "the final settlement of this dispute is paramount for security and stability in the Sahel, prey to a multitude of security dangers ".

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