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The networks of the Algerian regime are waging a real information war, especially in Europe over the Sahara zone

The legitimacy of Morocco's sovereignty over its Sahara "is no doubt," writes the French magazine "L'incorrect", highlighting the role of Algeria in the persistence of the artificial conflict created around the Sahara Moroccan and "pernicious" processes used by its networks to maintain propaganda on this issue.

In an article devoted to "obscure maneuvers" conducted by Algeria on the issue of the Sahara, the publication, which recounts irrevocable historical facts establishing that no sovereignty other than that of Morocco has never had place on the whole of the current South-Moroccan, notes that if the conflict persists, it is because of an active minority mastering the art of agitation-propaganda.

"Disinformation, propaganda, provocations, targeted campaigns of intoxication, networks of the Algerian regime lead a real information war, especially in Europe about the Sahara zone", notes the magazine on its website observing that the Algerian diplomacy in the European Union (EU) is mainly focused on this issue, while the EU would be rather pro-Moroccan in this conflict.

Faced with a lack of levers,the Algerian regime decided to act with public opinion, noted "The incorrect" pointing out that "while Morocco chooses the legal way and seeks to pacify the area,  the Algerian networks and Polisario offer compensation to anyone who would create an anti-Moroccan association, denouncing abuses invented or sometimes committed by Polisario itself.

The publication adds,by Yves Leroy, a "more pernicious process also very fashionable" consisting, for example, for the Algerian networks to "map" the actors of the European political and academic life, especially French, to approach and use them as propaganda vectors.

The Algerian networks are using the political, media and intellectual power of certain institutions, such as the European Parliament or more recently Sorbonne University, as a relay of their theses in order to give an official character and aura of legitimacy to their aggressive policy, it emphasizes.

"The incorrect" observes, moreover, that at a time when Islamist terrorist groups like AQIM, Al Mourabitoune or the Islamic State are prospering in the Saharan regions in Tunisia, Algeria and Libya in particular, and in the Sahel, the danger concerns all the countries of the region, but also the European states.

It is to be feared that Polisario can not ally itself with politico-religious terrorist groups in a logic of marginal radicalization, adds the publication.

Indeed, it continues, pushed by their Algerian bosses, Polisario activists o are locked in a process of marginalization that leads them to the worst: trafficking (including migration), crime, terrorism.

Faced with these dangers, the Moroccan presence remains a factor of peace and security, but also of exchanges between two parts of Africa, the Sahara being a link between North Africa and Black Africa, stresses the same source.

Settling the conflict over the Moroccan Sahara would provide essential stability to this area, with Morocco enjoying a strong internal and external consensus, said the magazine.

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