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The various workshops organized as part of the 2nd Maghreb Summit of Young Leaders held in Laayoune (December 22-25) brought about rich and fruitful debates and discussions on the role of young people in the consolidation of Maghreb unity integration and promotion of sustainable development in Africa.

The representatives of the Maghreb delegations taking part in this meeting, organized by the Sakia Al Hamra-Oued Eddahab Youth Union, under the theme "Maghreb Youth, Force for Africa", reiterated their commitment to continue to work for the construction of a Maghreb that meets the aspirations of peoples and their ambition to live together in an open and prosperous space.

The topics debated during the first two days of this summit relate to '' the plea for Maghreb unity '', '' advocacy for the preservation of the environment in the Maghreb space '', '' Maghreb integration, a force for Africa' and 'public policies for young people'.

According to Mr. Hassan Laamiri, member of the Chamber of Deputies in Tunisia, this meeting is very important insofar as it brings together young leaders of the five Maghreb countries (Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania, Tunisia, Libya) who will achieve the long-awaited dream of building the Maghreb Union.

This Summit, which is characterized by a constructive dialogue and fruitful exchanges around various and important issues, consecrates the bonds of fraternity, communion, communication and cooperation between young people of the Maghreb countries, he said in a statement to the MAP.

Nour El Barâassi, from the Libyan delegation, highlighted the importance of this event in the consolidation of relations between young people of the Maghreb countries, noting that this summit is "a space for debate and reflection on the role of young people in building the future of the Maghreb and development of the African continent''.

He expressed his satisfaction with the organization of this meeting which constitutes an ideal platform for consultation, communication and exchange of experiences allowing everyone to express themselves freely on the issues of sustainable development, in addition to issues relating to the protection of the environment, strengthening the values of peace, tolerance and openness and fight against illegal migration and extremism.

Mohamed Salaheddine Madion from the Algerian delegation stressed that this event brings together young Maghreb people who believe in the unity of the Maghreb through dialogue and communication, hoping that this meeting will lead to proposals and solutions to the different problems young people face.

Other participants emphasized the importance of this meeting which offers them an opportunity for meetings, exchanges and development of innovative ideas able to stimulate a fertile momentum between young Maghreb people for sustainable development and consolidation of Maghreb unity.

In parallel with the workshops, the participants of this Summit visited Saturday a series of projects and equipment in the city of Laayoune, and inquired about the momentum of sustained development in this region.

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