Monday, November 23, 2020  
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Indian daily "The Times of India" highlighted the relevance of the Moroccan autonomy initiative, as a final solution to the artificial conflict over the Moroccan Sahara.

In the interest of the Saharawi nation, culture and traditions, the Moroccan autonomy initiative remains the only just, equitable and practical solution that leads to a realistic outcome to this conflict, the Indian paper said on Monday. 

In an analysis, Indian author Rudroneel Ghosh noted that international bodies, including the UN Security Council and many stakeholders in the international community, have described the autonomy plan as "serious" and "credible".

The days of ethnic nationalism are over, wrote the newspaper, noting that Sahrawis are living in a much more prosperous and comfortable conditions than their brothers in the Tindouf camps, run by the fake "SADR", where living conditions are "quite deplorable" and prison-like.

The daily also highlighted the real dynamic of development taking place in the Moroccan Sahara region, thanks to the development and investment policy led by the Kingdom.

The author of the article recalled, in this context, the ties of allegiance of the Sahara's populations to the Kings of Morocco and the authority of the Moroccan Sovereigns over this region.



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