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 Morocco-EU Fisheries Agreement Crowns Talks Process Marked by Consensus, Bourita  7/25/2018
Morocco can not under any circumstances ratify an agreement that does not cover all its territory

The initialing of the Morocco-EU Fisheries Agreement crowns a process of seven rounds of talks which took place in normal conditions, marked by the consensus of the two parties, said, Tuesday in Rabat, foreign minister Nasser Bourita.

 Dominican Republic Deems Autonomy Viable Proposal for Realistic Solution to Sahara Issue, Joint Statement  7/23/2018
The Dominican Republic reaffirmed its respect for Morocco's territorial integrity, underlining that the autonomy plan submitted by Morocco is a viable proposal to ensure stability in the region and reach a realistic solution to the Sahara issue.

 Morocco, EU Agree on Content of Future Fisheries Agreement, Joint Statement  7/23/2018
Morocco and the European Union agreed on the content of the future sustainable fisheries agreement and its implementation protocol, they said on Friday in a joint statement.

 EU FMs Adopt Decision to Adapt Agriculture Agreement with Morocco Including Moroccan Sahara  7/17/2018
The European Union Foreign Affairs Council adopted, on Monday in Brussels, a decision on the adaptation of the Association Agreement and the agriculture agreement with Morocco to include the Moroccan Sahara, a European source said.

 Moroccan Constitution Guarantees Rights and Freedoms in Southern Provinces (Colombian Think Tank)  7/16/2018
The Colombian think tank specializing in political and strategic analysis in Latin America "CPLATAM" underlined the paramount role played by the Moroccan Constitution of 2011 as guarantor of the rights and freedoms in the Southern Provinces but also on the whole territory Moroccan, highlighting the state of lawlessness that reigns in Tindouf camps southern Algeria.

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