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 Open letter by the Special Council Charged with the Moroccan Sahara to Mrs. Condoleeza Rice   12/27/2007

The Special Committee in charge of the Moroccan Sahara "(CSCSM) strongly denounced, in an open letter to the American Secretary of State Mrs. Condoleeza Rice, the holding in Tifariti of separatists congress which " defies the Security Council, which called on the parties to create an atmosphere conducive to dialogue and success of the ongoing negotiations in paragraph 2 of its resolution 1783 in October 2007". 


 Two Moroccan Sahrawis flee Tindouf Camps to join Morocco  12/26/2007

Two Moroccan Sahrawis have recently managed to flee the Polisario-run Tindouf camps, southwestern Algeria, and join motherland Morocco.Said Hammou Ould Alioua and Mohamed M'barek Ould El-Kouri told MAP that "the gang, holding grips on leadership," seeks to "maintain the status quo situation to continue profiting from the donations of the international humanitarian organizations", particularly "since the adherence of most Sahrawis into the Moroccan proposal to grant substantial autonomy to its southern provinces."


 Al Hayat newspaper: the voices raised in Gjijimat Congress are those who suffer in Tindouf  12/25/2007

The voices raised in Gjijimat Congress, held during the "Polisario" congress by Chioukhs and chiefs of Saharan tribes, are those who "suffer the most in the Tindouf camps," writes "Al Hayat" newspaper.  In its Friday edition, the paper believes that "what Polisario really needs is not the threat of war that it has never won, but to make self-criticism after three decades of obstacles that have impeded the realization of the Maghreb aspirations for peace, stability and integration".


 Polisario threats: suicidal possibility requiring unanimous condemnation  12/24/2007

The Spanish press has minimized on Saturday Polisario threats to resume hostilities, describing such a decision as suicidal and can only come, it says, from Algiers.  Such a decision can only be taken in Algiers not in the Tindouf camps, said "El Pais" newspaper.


 Mr. Ould Errachid: parties within Polisario work for the adoption of Autonomy   12/19/2007

The chairman of the Royal Advisory Council for Saharan Affairs (CORCAS), Mr. Khalli Henna Ould Errachid said on Tuesday that parties within Polisario have reached a level of maturity and will work for the adoption of autonomy proposed by Morocco, as requested by the majority of Sahrawis. In a statement to the MAP on the sidelines of the CORCAS second regular session in Smara,


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