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  Press conference in Geneva about the substantial autonomy in the Sahara   9/26/2007

Mrs Gajmoula Ebbi, member of the Moroccan parliament and also Corcas, Mr Bellali Brahim corcas’s reporter of human rights commission,and Mr Sidati Ghallaoui former Polisario ambassador in Rome, Greece and Vatican have taken part of a press conference at the Palais des nations in Geneva, they have clarified in this press conference different aspects of the Sahara issue, and the autonomy project proposed by Morocco. In this meeting, organized under the auspices of the association of correspondents accredited at the UN, the  


 The tragedy of Sahraouis detained in Tindouf camps requires a special care  9/25/2007

 The tragedy of the population detained in Tindouf camps for more than 30 years, victims of continued violations of human rights committed by the Polisario “requires a particular attention of the council of human rights” underlined on Monday Mrs Saadani Maoulainine. Her intervention came on behalf of the Union of women Action before the  6th session  of the council; she drew the attention particularly in terms of the situation of women and children who are on daily basis subject to exploitation and abuse in the camps.


  A Moroccan family flees Tindouf, and goes back to the homeland  9/24/2007

Answering the royal appeal “the homeland is clement and merciful”, a Moroccan, family of eight native persons of the southern provinces of the kingdom of Morocco went back Sunday evening to the homeland flying Tindouf camps south of Algeria. In a statement to the “Maghreb Arabe Press” Mr Hamdi Ould Lagouini, father of the family, belonging to the Rguibat Ahl Sidi Allal tribe asserted that his return is an answer to the royal appeal to live among his own family in a stability and dignity.


 King appoints conservative Abbas el Fassi Prime Minister   9/21/2007

King Mohammed VI of Morocco on Wednesday appointed Abbas El Fassi, leader of the Istiqlal (Independence) Party, Prime Minister. Mr. El Fassi, 67, whose conservative party won the September 7 legislative elections with 52 seats, was appointed in replacement of Mr. Driss Jettou, a technocrat who led the outgoing government since the 2002 polls. A press release from the King's Office said that the monarch has entrusted the new Prime Minister with holding "wide-scale consultations" with the different political parties to come up


 Morocco is a respectful country to the principle of human rights, at home in the southern provinces  9/19/2007

Morocco is a respectful country to the principle of human rights, at home in the southern provinces,  different delegations who  went to the Sahara have been able to  circulate freely, and noticed closely  the peaceful life in the region, underlined the Moroccan ambassador , and permanent representative at the UN in Geneva Mr Mohamed Loulichki; In an explanation before the human rights council after a one-sided intervention of the representative of an NGO in favour of the opponents of Moroccan territorial integrity,


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