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  Polisario sells water and the Algerian army distributes it to contain the unrest of...   8/17/2007

Since the beginning of this summer, it has been noticed that the supply of water for the retained Sahraouis forbidden to join their homeland in the camps of: laayoune, Smara, Ausserd, Dakhla, and twenty seven, situated in the outskirt of Tindouf is done, for the first time by the Algerian army tanks instead of tanks given by humanitarian organizations to the Polisario front.


 Ban Ki Moon: the 2nd round of negotiations concerning Sahara allowed “good substance discussion”   8/15/2007

 The United Nations general secretary Mr Ban Ki Moon indicated Tuesday that the second round of negotiations concerning  Sahara was an opportunity for parties concerned to lead “good substance discussions”.“ Although there were no apparent progress during these negotiations, the two parties had good  substance negotiations during the two days” of their meeting, last Friday and Saturday, at Manhasset, declared Mr Ban Ki-Moon during a press conference at the headquarter of the Un at New York.


 Negotiations on the Sahara will resume from Friday to Sunday in Manhasset   8/9/2007

Negotiations on the Sahara issue, will resume from Friday until Sunday at Manhasset, near New York, under the aegis of the United Nations.
This second round of these negotiations is expected to last two days as well and will also be led by the UN Secretary General envoy for the Sahara, Mr. Peter Van Walsum.


 According to Washington a reasonable possibility for a settlement of the Sahara issue exists   8/3/2007

“there is a reasonable possibility to achieve a settlement” of the Sahara issue according to the assistant spokesman of the US state department  Mr tom Casey, to this purpose he underlined the importance of the second round of negotiations concerning this issue, which will take place in august at Manhasset (new York city suburbs). Mr Casey, who was talking during a press conference organized by the foreign press accredited in Washington, reminded that the assistant secretary for political affairs Mr Nicholas Burns, have qualified the Moroccan


 The international federation of former fighters defuses the humanitarian crisis  8/3/2007

In its 13th meeting, taking place in Accra ( Ghana), during the period of 14 to 16 of July 2007 the standing committee on African affairs, of the international federation of former fighters  approved the recommendation Submitted by the Moroccan high commission for former members of the resistance and the liberation army: The standing committee on African Affairs:

1- Denounces the suffering endured by the Moroccan Sahraouis sequestrated in the Tindouf and considers this situation as being anachronistic and contrary to international legitimacy.


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