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 Walsum’s conclusions shared by UN diplomats (British press)   5/28/2008

The British monthly North-South stressed that the latest statements by the Personal Envoy of the United Nations Secretary-General for the Sahara, Mr. Peter van Walsum, saying that independence in the Sahara is not realistic, is part of a reality shared by UN diplomatic circles. "These are statements that carry a reality shared by many diplomats who could not express themselves publicly for fear of Algerian reprisals," said the release quoting UN diplomats. The monthly said that the Personal Envoy of UN Secretary-General for the Sahara had stated before the Security Council that "the independence of Western Sahara is not a realistic option,"


 Mexico briefed on autonomy initiative for the Sahara   5/28/2008

The Moroccan initiative to negotiate an autonomy statute in the Sahara region was explained Tuesday in Mexico City, at a conference held by Abdellahi Ahl Abdelkader, a member of the Royal Advisory Council for Saharan Affairs(Corcas).


 The Kingdom territorial unity, a constant for the World Mediation Forum   5/27/2008

The preservation of Morocco’s territorial unity "is one of our main constants," said the secretary general of the World Mediation Forum, Mr. Marwane El Faouri. In a statement to the National Radio aired Monday at the evening journal, during the first training session in Rabat of staff mediators, M. El Faouri said that "preserving the territorial unity of Morocco is one of our main constants," calling on Polisario to show political realism and good will to solve the Sahara conflict. Referring to the report submitted by the personal envoy of UN Secretary-General for the Sahara, Mr. Peter Van Walsum,  in which the UN head stressed


 Van Walsum says Algeria and Polisario want to perpetuate Sahara talks   5/27/2008

 Polisario separatists and their supporters in Algeria have only one objective: that of perpetuating the talk process on the future of the Sahara, UN Secretary General personal envoy to the Sahara, Peter van Walsum said.


 Colombian Conservative Party reaffirms its support to Moroccan efforts to find a solution to Sahara   5/26/2008

The President of the Colombian Conservative Party, Senator Efrain Jose Cepeda Sarabia reaffirmed its full support to the efforts carried out by Morocco with good faith to reach a political, consensual and final settlement to the Sahara issue, said Moroccan diplomatic sources in Bogota.


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