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 Mr Benaissa reiterates the Moroccan commitment for a lasting solution to the Sahara question   10/2/2007

Mr Mohamed Benaissa the foreign affairs and cooperation minister reiterated on Monday before the UN general assembly the Moroccan commitment to go ahead with a lasting solution to the Sahara issue within the framework of the sovereignty of the kingdom on the basis of the autonomy initiative, which, he said, engaged the dynamic of the ongoing negotiations under the auspices of the UN.
Morocco which took part of two round negotiations about the Sahara, with good faith, and a constructive spirit


 Spain is convinced that the ongoing negotiations about the Sahara will reach an agreement   10/1/2007

The Spanish foreign affairs and cooperation minister Mr Miguel Angel Moratinos, indicated last Friday at New York that his country is convinced that the ongoing negotiations concerning the Sahara, will reach an agreement. “Spain is convinced that with the help of the personal envoy of the UN secretary general, and the support of friendly countries, all parties will go forward, and direct on going negotiations Will reach an agreement” asserted the chief of the Spanish diplomacy in a speech before the UN general assembly. Mr Moratinos, who reminded 


 Mauritania expresses its satisfaction as to developments concerning the Sahara issue   9/28/2007

The president of Mauritania sidi Mohamed Ould Cheikh abdellahi asserted on Wednesday that his country “is satisfied with the steps overcame recently» concerning the Sahara issue, which were translated by “the return to the direct negotiation table”. “Mauritania is of course closely following the Western Sahara affair, and expresses its satisfaction with the steps overcame recently, and which were translated by the return to the direct negotiations” he declared in a speech before the UN general assembly in New York. Mr Abdellahi added


 Spain adopts 'constructive approach' to settle Sahara dispute  9/27/2007

 Spain adopts "a constructive approach" to settle the thirty-two year old Sahara dispute - that opposes Morocco to the Algeria-backed Polisario sepearatists - said Spanish president, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.  Speaking at a press conference on the fringes of the UN General Assembly annual debate, Mr. Zapatero said "Spain adopts a constructive approach" to find a solution to this dispute "through a political agreement" between Morocco and the Polisario.


  Press conference in Geneva about the substantial autonomy in the Sahara   9/26/2007

Mrs Gajmoula Ebbi, member of the Moroccan parliament and also Corcas, Mr Bellali Brahim corcas’s reporter of human rights commission,and Mr Sidati Ghallaoui former Polisario ambassador in Rome, Greece and Vatican have taken part of a press conference at the Palais des nations in Geneva, they have clarified in this press conference different aspects of the Sahara issue, and the autonomy project proposed by Morocco. In this meeting, organized under the auspices of the association of correspondents accredited at the UN, the  


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