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 Senegal reiterates support to Morocco's territorial sovereignty  1/7/2008

 Senegal reiterated on Sunday full support to Morocco's territorial integrity and to the Moroccanity of the Sahara.     "The Sahara is a Moroccan territory and should stay under the Moroccan sovereignty. We have never changed our stand," Senegalese President, Abdoulaye Wade told MAP during a stopover at Mohammed V airport. "I strongly encourage discussions so that we reach solutions to the existing problems," the Senegalese president noted.


 An important Moroccan delegation participates in the Sahara negotiations in Manhasset  1/7/2008

The Moroccan delegation, which will take part in the third round of negotiations of the UN-led talks, expressed its determination to engage in "good faith" in "substantial" and "serious" negotiations, said a communiqué of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Ministry


 Interview with Ahmed Ould Domane, leader of Mauritanian Liberals to “Le Matin”   1/4/2008

"We fully support autonomy plan proposed by Morocco"  

In an interview to  “Le Matin”, Ahmed Ould Domane, leader of the Liberal Party and head of the Mauritanian delegation visiting Morocco said: "We are parties that advocate the unity of the Arab countries especially unity within the same country". 


 Autonomy "historic opportunity" to a way out of deadlock (CSCSME)  1/4/2008

The Sahara autonomy project proposed by Morocco is "a historic opportunity" to a way out of the Sahara deadlock, "said The Europe-based  "Special Committee in Charge of Moroccan Sahara" (CSCSM).In an open letter addressed to the UN Security Council President, a copy of which was received Thursday by MAP, the CSCSME underlines that "by offering broad autonomy to the region, Morocco offers "a historic opportunity to a way out to the Sahara conflict."


 Mauritanian political parties express full support for autonomy proposal  1/3/2008

A visiting delegation of Mauritanian political parties of the majority, on Wednesday, expressed its full support for Morocco's offer to grant substantial autonomy to its Southern Provinces -the Sahara.


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