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 Government urges 'other parties' to partake positively in UN-led talks on Sahara  2/29/2008

The Moroccan government on Thursday called on the other parties, in particular Algeria, to participate positively in the upcoming UN-led talks on the Sahara dispute on the basis of Morocco's initiative to grant substantial autonomy to its Southern Provinces.


 London calls for deepening debate on autonomy project for Sahara  2/28/2008

Great Britain on Tuesday called for more debate, within the United Nations, on the Moroccan project to grant substantial autonomy to its Southern Provinces, The Sahara.


 Sahrawis return, consequence of the Moroccan autonomy initiative   2/28/2008

The return to Morocco of a hundred Sahrawis, who participated last December in Gjijimat congress near Tifariti, is a logical consequence of a long dissidence process within Polisario since its creation and glimmer of hope prompted by the Moroccan autonomy initiative among the sequestered people in the Tindouf camps.  This large-scale return of families, which reflects the malaise afflicting the camps is particularly important because it is run by Polisario officials and several sheikhs, a social group, which has an obvious influence on tribal members, as a wise men, mediators, regulators and depository of the memory of tribes.


 Conversation between CORCAS chairman and a delegation of African intellectuals   2/27/2008

The Chairman of the Royal Advisory Council for Saharan Affairs (CORCAS), Mr. Khalihenna Ould Errachid met Tuesday in Rabat, with a delegation of African intellectuals, led by Mr. Alioune Badara Beye, President of the Senegalese Association of Writers.In a statement to the press after their talks, which took place in the presence of the Council’s Secretary General, Mr. Malainaine Ben Khali Hanna Malainaine, Mr. Badara Beye said he informed Mr. Ould Errachid about the initiative taken by the African intellectuals to meet all the artistic and literary community in Africa to discuss the Moroccan absence in the African Union (AU) which they describe as "unjust".


 Nearly one hundred Sahrawis returned to the Motherland   2/27/2008
Nearly one hundred Sahrawis have returned, during the last twenty four hours, to the Motherland from the Tindouf camps in Algeria, three groups consisting of several persons that took part in Gjijimat congress, held last December in Tifariti region, in the Moroccan Sahara.   

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