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 Abbas El Fassi: autonomy plan, a consensual solution in line with UN resolutions   2/25/2008

Prime Minister Abbas El Fassi said that the Moroccan proposal to grant broad autonomy to the southern provinces was "a consensual solution in conformity with Security Council resolutions" for the settlement of the Sahara issue.



 Corcas chairman interviewed by Al hurra television station  2/21/2008

The Chairman of the Royal Advisory Council for Saharan Affairs (Corcas), Mr. Khallihenna Ould Errachid, gave an interview to Sam Menassa, moderator of the debate programme "All Directions" (Al Jihat Al Arbaa)by the satellite channel Al Hurra. 


 Corcas fully supports the ANRT request to manage the ".eh” domain  2/19/2008

"I am here today to express Corcas full and unconditional support to the request by the National Agency of Telecommunications Regulation(ANRT) to manage the .eh domain (Sakia El Hamra / reserved for the Sahara) due to the the Agency’s  experience in this field" said Corcas vice-president, Khadad El Moussaoui.  Mr. El Moussaoui urged the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), as well as participants at its 31st meeting in Delhi to entrust the management of the .eh domain to the ANRT for the Sahrawi community living in the real cities of Sakia El Hamra, where ".eh comes from and Oued Eddahab (Rio de Oro). 


 The autonomous statute for the Sahara, high-level response to break deadlock   2/18/2008

The autonomous status for the Sahara is a high level political response to break the Sahara deadlock because  of Algeria, underlined Friday in Perpignan (southern France) Several French experts, scholars and jurists.  Autonomy project in the Sahara is absolutely perfect in terms of legal and constitutional aspects and is a proper initiative that can promote Maghreb integration and the socio-economic development of its people and countries, said these experts and academicians in statements to MAP following an international meeting on "Regional Autonomy Statute in comparative law." 


 Sahara is Moroccan, Senegalese President  2/15/2008

Senegalese President, Abdoulaye Wade, reiterated that the Sahara is a Moroccan province, voicing opposition to the creation of a microstate in the region.


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