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 Mr Fassi Fihri talks with the Belgian foreign affairs minister  7/25/2007
Mr Taieb Fassi Fihri foreign affairs and cooperation deputy minister, had talks with the Belgian foreign affair minister Mr Karel De Gucht. In a statement made the Belgian minister at the end of the talks, the chief of the Belgian diplomacy affirmed that his country being a non permanent member of the UN security council will strive to facilitate the on going process to reach a solution to the Sahara issue which will be “beneficial for the relationship between Morocco and Algeria, and the whole region”


 The Moroccan autonomy gains ground by the international community (Malian daily newspaper)  7/25/2007
The Moroccan autonomy gains ground by the international community, at the expense of the Polisario and Algeria. Writes the Malian daily newspaper “the independent”, noting that during the first round of negotiations, the Moroccan delegation presented the content and the impact of the autonomy initiative, leaving “the hand open to Algeria and polisario”. During this round, which took place on the 18th and 19th of last June at Manhasset under the supervision of the United nations, the Kingdom of Morocco presented “a median solution, proposing

 A senat chillean delegation reaffirms its country's support to the moroccan territorial integrity  7/24/2007
The chairman of the Chilean senate foreign affairs commission, Mr Roberto MUNOZ BARRA, who is leading an important senate delegation, visiting the Kingdom of Morocco, confirmed yesterday his country’s support to the Moroccan territorial integrity.It is notable that the Chilean delegation had a meeting in the Moroccan House of Representatives, with members of the Moroccan foreign affairs commission, frontiers, occupied areas, and defence of the house of councillors. Mr MUNOZ BARRA indicated that following explanation

 The European Union greets the Moroccan proposal concerning the Sahara   7/24/2007
The European Union greeted the Moroccan initiative for negotiating an autonomy statute for the Sahara region, and congratulated itself for the negotiations taken place in Manhasset under the supervision of the United Nations In a statement published, Monday evening in Brussels, at the end of the 6th session of the Morocco-European union association council, the European Union affirmed

 Tchad denies categorically the restoration of diplomatic ties with the "RASD"  7/23/2007
Tchad denies categorically any information concerning the restoration of diplomatic ties between the Republic of Tchad and pseudo”RASD In a statement published in its web site, Tchad underlines that information brought in this respect by a local newspaper is  “ without any basis,   

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