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  The highest participation in the legislative elections registered in the Sahara   9/10/2007

The Moroccan conservative Istiqlal party has won the biggest number in the 325 seat house of representatives following Friday’s legislative elections. Although the percentage of participation was around 37 % at the national level ,it is worth mentioning that the  degree of participation  particularly in the southern region of Morocco has known an outright  increase, in fact it has reached 62 % in the area of ( OUED EDDAHB-LAGOUIRA), 58 % in the region of ( GUELMIM-ESMARA), and around 50 % in the area of (LAAYOUNE-BOUJDOUR)


  « AL HAYAT » points up the urbanity development of LAAYOUNE city  9/6/2007

 LAAYOUNE’s visitors can not help admiring the urbanity development of the Sahara’s biggest city according to a report published on Wednesday by “AL HAYAT “newspaper.
The special envoy of the above mentioned newspaper to Morocco Kamel Taouil noted that “the construction of houses carries on towards the east to the town of SMARA, whereas important tourist projects in the west of the city are in vogue”. “AL HAYAT” emphasizes the important dynamism engaged in the city in consideration of its main roads big abundance


 An autonomous Sahara and integral part of Morocco “the only rational solution” Think Tank US)   9/3/2007

The region of an autonomous Sahara and integral part of Morocco “remains the only rational solution” to the question of Sahara, and also “the most certain” from the international geopolitical point of view, considers the Foreign Policy Research Institute.
“For how long Algeria, which is still under the Islamic menace, and does not get anymore political support from the ex- soviet bloc, and the non –aligned movement, remains guided by its unrealistic aims in the region, such as access to the Atlantic ocean, at the expense of its


 The Polisario front carries out people arrests in Tindouf’ camps   8/30/2007
The Polisario Front arrested on august 24 till 28, 2007 several people accused to act against the political strategy applied in the camps called Laâyoune, Smara and Aousserd situated in the area of Tindouf in Algeria. 

 The direction of Polisario is preparing a “turn-key” congress   8/30/2007
Concordant sources emanating from the camps of Tindouf, the current direction of Polisario prepares a “turn-key” congress to prevent the participation of any person whatever its level of responsibility being opposed to the renewal of the current direction and to the total support of the pro-Algerian policy of the current direction.

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