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The Polisario Front collects defeats one after another in Latin America amid a "wave of rejection of the presence of Polisario separatists in several international forums," writes Peruvian independent news website AlaHoraNoticias ".

In an article published on Thursday, the news site reported the new setback suffered by Polisario on Wednesday in the Panamanian capital, following the expulsion of its representative in Panama, the so-called Ali Mhamed Mbarek, the official ceremony of handover of powers between the outgoing executive board of Central American Parliament (Parlacen) and the newly elected office in the framework of the current session of this regional body in which Morocco enjoys permanent observer status.

According to the Peruvian news portal, the expulsion of Polisario representative comes because Parlacen does not recognize the puppet entity and has no links with it.

This new debacle follows the snub inflicted on Polisario in Peru, the authorities of this country having recently banned access to the territory to so-called Khadijetou Mokhtar, following his conviction for usurpation of presumed status of diplomat and violation of the immigration laws  in force in this Latin American country.

The Peruvian authorities subsequently rejected Polisario separatist on September 27 from Lima International Airport to Spain, from where she embarked for the Peruvian capital on September 9 "in application of the migration laws. in force under which foreigners who are not admitted to the national territory must return from where they came ".

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