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The European Parliament, convened in plenary session Wednesday in Strasbourg, adopted the EU annual 2016 report on human rights and democracy in the world.

This report, which is favourable to Morocco and its territorial integrity, was approved in the presence of members of the Morocco-EU joint parliamentary committee and its chairman Abderrahim Atmoun.

It got 443 votes for, 85 votes against and 95 abstained.

The report's first part discusses the approach to human rights in situations of conflict and crises, the main human rights challenges and the issue of human rights in the EU's foreign policies. The second part focuses on EU actions in third countries and describes the situation of human rights in the world.

For Morocco, the Union lauded the outstanding progress made by the Kingdom in the human rights field and reiterated its commitment to support the reform process through the implementation of the constitutional principles.

It said that five years after the adoption of the 2011 constitution, Morocco continued reforms in the rights of migrants and women, and in the legal and prison system, two key sector benefiting from new EU-backed policies.

In a statement to MAP, Atmoun underlined that the new report foils again manoeuvrers by parties instrumentalizing the issue of territorial integrity, adding that the adopted text puts an end to any attempt to introduce amendments that are hostile to Morocco's rights on the Sahara.

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