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The Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe reiterated its consistent position of support for the Sahara and the territorial integrity of the Kingdom.

This position of Sao Tome and Principe was reaffirmed during the visit made at the beginning of May to Sao Tome, by a Moroccan high-level multisectoral delegation, chaired by the Ambassador of Morocco to Sao Tome and Principe with residence in Libreville, and composed of representatives of the departments of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Health, Tourism and Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy (MASEN).

The Moroccan delegation was received by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Sao Tome and Principe, Jorge Bom Jesus, who commissioned the Moroccan delegation to convey its gratitude to King Mohammed VI.

It also held meetings with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mrs. Elsa Maria Neto of Alva Texeiro de Parros Pinto, as well as with other members of the Santomean Government in charge of Health, Tourism, Agriculture and Maritime Fisheries, and Energy.

On this occasion, both sides stressed the need to pool their efforts through the respective support of regional, continental and international organizations on all issues of common interest, on the basis of a permanent political dialogue.

At these meetings, particular emphasis was placed on the strong commitment of both countries to diversify and consolidate cooperation in a number of areas that can contribute to the promotion of sustainable human development and economic and social development of the Republic of Sao Tome and Principe.-



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