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Mustapha El Khalfi, the spokesperson of the Moroccan government, has said that the latest UN resolutions “prove Polisario’s violations” in areas east Morocco’s defense wall, which the separatist group has long claimed as “liberated zones.”

Commenting on the newly-adopted Resolution 2468, El Khalfi said that this resolution “put an end to the illusion of the alleged Polisario responsibility in the area to the east of the defence wall.” For El Khalfi, the resolution  denounces all the “violations committed by the separatist group.

El Khalfi, who was speaking before the press for his traditional weekly report about the government council, added that the Polisario Front and Algeria are now facing the United Nations and must comply with its resolutions.

Morocco’s government has expressed satisfaction with the adoption of the new resolution adopted by majority on April 30. The resolution mentioned Algeria five times, breaking with the tradition when Algeria was only seen as a “neighboring state,” a third party in the Sahara conflict.



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