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Ghostly SADR suffered another major setback on Thursday in the capital Addis Ababa after being excluded from a forum organized as part of the China-Africa partnership under the theme "The belt and road dialogue for China-Africa cooperation".

No invitation was extended to the separatist entity for this important event, organized by China in collaboration with the African Union Commission, which brought together, at a large palace in the capital Addis Ababa, senior officials of the African Union, the former Ethiopian Prime minister, African ambassadors and senior Chinese officials in charge of Africa-China cooperation.

This snub inflicted on the "polisario" is scathing, especially since this forum is being initiated in collaboration with the African Union Commission, said a diplomatic source.

This time, the separatists cannot boast of a presence among the eminent personalities and senior officials of the African Union and former ministers gathered for the family photo immortalizing this meeting dedicated to the China-Africa partnership in the capital Addis Ababa, headquarters of the African Union.

"The Chinese partner, as part of its relations, attaches great importance to the defence of vital interests, including the territorial integrity of our two friendly countries," said Morocco's permanent representative to the AU and ECA, ambassador Mohammed Arrouchi, in a statement.

"Given the fact that the event is being organized in collaboration with the African Union Commission, the Chinese partner has taken great care to thwart any infiltration manoeuvre by the separatist entity within the framework of today's event as part of the Africa-China partnership," added the Moroccan diplomat.



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