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The industrial units of the city of El Marsa (province of Laâyoune) have strengthened preventive health measures to stimulate economic activity and strengthen production chains mainly focused on seafood.

To date, over coronavirus 4,000 tests have been carried out on workers in the industrial area, in particular units which have already registered cases of infection with this disease, said president of the municipal council of El Marsa, Badr El Moussaoui.

He noted that the town has taken, for a few days, measures relating to the sterilization of all industrial units and awareness of employees, whose number exceeds 7,000, in order to limit the spread of the virus.

As soon as an industrial cluster was discovered in the commune, the public authorities accelerated the carrying out of laboratory analyzes to reach an average of 700 tests per day, said Mr. El Moussaoui, adding that this operation will continue until that these industrial units resume their activities.

The director of an ice-cream production unit in El Marsa, Othman Oubarka, said that the results of the Covid-19 tests on 19 workers in the unit were negative.

He said that the activity of this kind of unit is necessary to enhance and preserve fishery products until they reach the consumer in the best conditions.

For his part, the human resources manager of one of the industrial units specializing in the manufacture of fishmeal and fish oil, Smail El Ouardi, assured that this unit strictly follows the health protocol adopted by the public authorities with a view to protect staff against any risk of transmission of the coronavirus.

In addition to the disinfection of the equipment, the obligation to wear masks for the staff and  distribution of hydro-alcoholic gels, the unit also strives to strengthen the shuttle service for its 76 employees "in order to ensure a higher degree of social distancing and respect for barrier gestures, " he said.

This health protocol aims to support preventive measures taken by the public authorities to guarantee the safety and health of workers in seafood units, fishmeal, fish oil and ice production units, the aim being to ensure favorable and safe working conditions.

The protocol focuses on the centrality of compliance with public health rules, obligation to wear protective masks for workers, compulsory use of alcoholic antiseptics, in addition to ensuring adequate ventilation of industrial units.-News on Western Sahara / Corcas-



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