Thursday, August 06, 2020  
Exacerbation of Security Crisis in Tindouf due to Polisario Involvement in Trafficking and Terrorism
| 8/5/2020
The security crisis in the Tindouf camps has worsened recently due to the involvement of Polisario elements in organized crime activities and their relations with terrorist organizations in the Sahel, underlined Mohamed Tayyar, researcher in political studies.


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| 8/3/2020
Morocco Achieved Significant Progress in Sahara Thanks to Foresight of HM King
On the Sahara issue,  top priority of Moroccan diplomacy, the Kingdom of Morocco has made significant progress over the past year, thanks to the far-sighted policy of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, writes the Daily of the ruling party in Tanzania.
| 7/27/2020
AU's Role Supplements and Does Not Replace UN Efforts
As part of his remarks on the citizen-run show “Sahara Debate”, Mr. Moussa Aksar, Editor of the Nigerien independent weekly newspaper “L'Evènement”, President of the Norbert Zongo Unit for investigative journalism in West Africa and member of the 3I Network, bringing together French-speaking journalists from West Africa, the Maghreb and Europe, seized this opportunity to highlight the clear and the unequivocal role assigned to the African Union in the regional dispute over the Moroccan Sahara.
| 7/23/2020
Main Hotels in Dakhla About to Reopen
The main hotels in the city of Dakhla are about to reopen their doors to meet the enthusiasm of visitors and promote national tourism, a statement from the Dakhla Attitude group said on Tuesday.



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