Suriname to Open Consulate General in Dakhla on Thursday
| 5/26/2022
Suriname Expresses Full Support to Moroccan Autonomy Plan

Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Business and International Cooperation of the Republic of Suriname, Albert Ramdin, on Wednesday expressed his country's "full support" to the Moroccan autonomy plan as the unique basis for a political solution.


| 5/27/2022
Polisario Reveals its True Face as Terrorist Organization, Peruvian Media
The Peruvian press denounced Polisario's threats to carry out operations in cities in the southern provinces of the Kingdom of Morocco, considering that the separatist front is now revealing its true face as a terrorist organization aimed at destabilizing the region.
| 5/26/2022
Conference in Paris on Political Economic and Social Issues of Moroccan Sahara
A conference debate on “the legal, economic and social issues of the Moroccan Sahara" was hosted Tuesday evening in Paris by Hubert Seillan, honorary professor of law and lawyer at the Paris Bar, author of several books on Morocco.
| 5/25/2022
Algeria Maintains Dispute over Moroccan Sahara to Serve its Aims in the Region (Mexican Newspaper)
The Algerian regime, which created the conflict over the Moroccan Sahara, deliberately maintains this artificial dispute to serve its aims in the region, says the Mexican newspaper "La Voz del Árabe".


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