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The Kingdom of Morocco has managed to honor its commitment of democracy and good governance in its southern provinces, said Indian newspaper "The Times of India".

The newspaper said in an article published Monday, on its website that "the search for a solution to local problems does not necessarily require the claim of splitism.The solution lies rather in good governance strengthening of democracy practice. This is what Morocco has always preserved in its relationship with its southern provinces. "

The Indian newspaper believes that "Morocco has made and continues to make much in favor of progress and comfort in the Sahara, a region that has always been linked to the Kingdom by ties of allegiance".

The author considers that "the separatist trend is now an instrument in the hands of local political groups which try to exploit it to concentrate power in their hands," adding that "the separatists who are the basis elites in their societies are playing the card of self-determination to continue with their families to take advantage of the situation. "

The article indicates that during the local and regional elections held in Morocco in September 2015, in the presence of 4000 national and international observers, the southern provinces recorded voter turnout rates of 80% and under normal conditions, which was confirmed by Minurso and the then United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon.

The article concludes that these consultations are part of the support to the regionalization process in Morocco, in accordance with the provisions of the 2011 Constitution, which aims to give more powers to the regions and improve local governance.

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