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Morocco is receiving growing support from Latin American countries on the Moroccan Sahara issue, Peruvian news website "Peru Informa" reported.

In an article entitled "Morocco gains more support in Latin America", Peruvian expert and scholar Ricardo Sanchez Serra stresses that the autonomy proposal presented by Morocco to resolve the regional dispute over the Moroccan Sahara, "benefits growing support in Latin America", noting that this proposal reflects the spirit of recent Security Council resolutions.

The autonomy initiative is in line with UN resolutions calling for "a political, realistic, viable and sustainable solution to the problem of the Sahara" and is the solution likely to put an end to the suffering of the sequestrated in the Tindouf camps, south of Algeria, he said.

As an example of the defeat of the separatist thesis in Latin America, the author of the article recalled the last position of El Salvador, which confirmed, via a statement from his Ministry of Foreign Affairs, that he was " evaluating its diplomatic relations "with the puppet republic, as part of its new foreign policy.In the same context, the Peruvian expert mentioned the position of the authorities of his country, which banned in September 2017 the entry into the national territory of the separatist named Khadijetou El Mokhtar.

He further reiterated that Peru had stated that it had no intention of maintaining relations with the puppet entity.

Sanchez Serra added that some founders of the "Polisario Front" have come to the conclusion that the regional conflict around the Moroccan Sahara is only a map exploited by a party that caresses the dream of "hegemony" in the region and that Algeria has "transformed the Front into a separatist movement" for expansion purposes.

The Peruvian expert also denounced the tragic conditions of the sequestered in the Tindouf camps in Algeria, deprived of the most basic rights, including the right to move freely.

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