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The Moroccan autonomy plan brings "the promise of a better future for the populations of the region, end of separation and reconciliation

"An international seminar on "Territorial autonomy: means of political settlement of conflicts", was organized Monday at the United Nations headquarters in New York, by the Permanent Mission of Morocco, with the participation of a host of world-renowned experts, researchers and academics.

This meeting was an opportunity to compare the autonomy initiative proposed by the Kingdom of Morocco for the Sahara region with other experiences of autonomy in the world, as means of conflict resolution.

International experts from Switzerland, Italy, Canada and Indonesia had the opportunity to share several successful examples of global autonomy in past conflicts, and explain the reasons for the failure of some cases.

The meeting was also marked by the participation of about fifty diplomats, including several ambassadors in New York, representatives of the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations, and media accredited to the United Nations.



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