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New president of the Andean Parliament Víctor Rolando Sousa Huanambal reaffirmed, on Friday in Bogota, the support of this regional legislative body for the territorial integrity of Morocco and for the plan of autonomy for the southern provinces under the Moroccan sovereignty.

"I wish to reaffirm the support of the Andean Parliament's Presidency and Executive Bureau for the territorial integrity of Morocco," said Sousa Huanambal (Peru) in a meeting with deputy speaker of the House of Advisors Abdelkader Salama, held on the sidelines of the ceremony of his investiture as head of this regional parliamentary body, based in the Colombian capital.

"Morocco can count on us to support its territorial integrity within regional and international forums and denounce the lies of separatists' propaganda," said the new president of the Andean Parliament, hoping that he will visit the Kingdom very soon to learn about the development of the Saharan provinces.

"I am very interested in visiting the southern provinces of Morocco" in response to the invitation of the House of Advisors, he said, adding: "as friends of Morocco, we are proud of the adherence of the Kingdom to the Andean Parliament where it has the status of advanced partner".

Sousa Huanambal also expressed his admiration for the reforms and development projects launched in various fields by Morocco, under the leadership of HM King Mohammed VI, welcoming the Sovereign's vision of South-South cooperation.

He also expressed the will of the Andean community to promote the exchange of experiences with Morocco particularly in terms of sustainable development, the creation of micro and small enterprises and the fight against corruption.

Sousa Huanambal underscored the Andean Parliament's support for the establishment of the African-Latin American Parliamentary Forum, adding that the Andean Community countries will spare no effort to carry out this ambitious project which is sponsored by the Moroccan Parliament.

For his part, Salama congratulated Sousa Huanambal on his election as president of the Andean Parliament, expressing the keenness of the Moroccan Parliament to promote cooperation with this legislative institution.



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