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The Provincial Human Development Committee (CPDH) of Laâyoune, meeting on Friday, approved an estimated amount of 16.1 million dirhams (MDH) to support people in vulnerable situations.

This contribution, which is part of the multi-year provincial human development plan (2020/2023), aims to support efforts to protect children and young people, socio-economic integration, in addition to providing help for the elderly, disabled and patients.
CPDH also allocated more than MAD 14.3 million to improve the incomes and economic inclusion of young people in order to strengthen employability and support productive projects.
As part of the human capital boost of the rising generations, it was decided a budget of around 7.5 million dirhams intended for school support, development of primary education and improvement of health. mother and child.

In addition, 800,000 dirhams is planned to remedy the lack of basic infrastructure and services in under-equipped territorial areas.To support the royal initiative "one million schoolbags" for the 2020/2021 school year, CPDH has decided  a total amount of over 1.79 MDH covering 18,481 kits.
Based on the consecration of the values of social justice and dignity, the third phase of the INDH (2019-2023) relies on the consolidation of gains recorded during the previous phases, while promoting the development of human capital, promotion of condition of rising generations and support for categories in vulnerable situations.
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