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The main hotels in the city of Dakhla are about to reopen their doors to meet the enthusiasm of visitors and promote national tourism, a statement from the Dakhla Attitude group said on Tuesday.

After being designated “Dream Destination 2020” by the National Confederation of Tourism, the enthusiasm for the city of Dakhla is confirmed this year because, in addition to meeting this need for escape and nature after this long period of confinement , the city is one of the regions of the Kingdom least affected by this pandemic, underlines the press release.

Proof of this enthusiasm, notes Dakhla Attitude, the increase in the frequency of Royal Air Maroc (RAM) flights to Dakhla which went from 2 weekly flights to 5 the following week to reach, for a few days the frequency a daily flight and today 9 flights per week. 

 Air Arabia performs 2 flights per week, notes the group. After the reopening, a few days ago, of the West Point and La Crique hotels, properties of the Dakhla group, the same source indicates that “the cult establishment Dakhla Attitude will open on July 24 and the PK  hotel on July 25 as wellthan Les Dunes ”, adding that due to the crisis and support national tourism, the hotels of the group“ have played the game by offering attractive offers ”namely a price range between 687 and 770 dirhams per night / person, full board and which includes return transfer from the airport and one yoga and one fitness class per day.

All of these hotels are also planning a "kids club" for children who will be traveling, the group said. "the teams of these establishments are now on the alert and have put in place all the health protocols required by the authorities in order to ensure the protection of both employees and tourists during their stay".

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