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More than 4,500 people of the province of Laâyoune have benefited from literacy programs during 2019-2020, indicated on Tuesday the regional director of the National Agency for Combating Illiteracy (ANLCA) of Laâyoune- Sakia El Hamra, Abdallah Rahim.

The number of beneficiaries  has risen to 4,080, while the post-literacy program has benefited 465 individuals, Mr. Rahim stated during a meeting held at the headquarters of the wilaya of the region of Laâyoune-Sakia El Harma.
154 trainers have been mobilized to ensure a good management of the end of year 2019-2020 and opening of reading season 2020-2021, while saluting the partnership between ANLCA and the associations of companies civilians working in this field.
In an exhibition presented at the Occupation of the National Day Against Illiteracy (October 13), Mr. Rahim explained that an amount of 1.42 million dirhams was paid to the benefit of partner associations  2019-2020 as part of the literacy program, while some 161,750 dirhams were given to implement the post-literacy program.
Taking into account the consequences of the suspension of studies since March 16 for the cause of the coronavirus (Covid-19), ANLCA of produced more than 150 digital resources that were available on social media, starting October 13, the courses of literacy programs in 2019-2020 reading season, in partnership with the organizations of the society civil.
The resumption will take place in a progressive fashion depending on the epidemiological situation of the region, in strict respect of sanitary prevention measures in force, he insisted.
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