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For more than four decades, the Tindouf camps have been an open-air prison where thousands of Sahrawis are held captive, Indonesian news portal "Kompasiana" wrote on Thursday.

After more than four decades, the polisario and Algeria are still holding the population in Tindouf in captivity as open-air prisoners who are not allowed to leave the camps, deplored the author of the article, journalist Veeramalla Anjaiah.

While the Sahrawis are living peacefully in the southern provinces of Morocco, some were forcibly taken in the 1970s to Tindouf, he explained, pointing to the polisario front as well as Algeria which refuses the repeated requests by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to conduct a headcount of the population held against its will in the Tindouf camps.

This refusal is explained in particular by the "biased and inflated" statistics conveyed by the "Polisario" for obtaining international aid which, once received, is embezzled by the leaders of the fake entity, said Anjaiah.

"According to activists and non-governmental organizations, the polisario has embezzled more than 100 million euros over the past 10 years (...) and most of the embezzled money ends up directly in the pockets of the polisario leaders for their personal wealth", he stressed.

The leaders of the "polisario" have systematically and methodically taken advantage of humanitarian aid and amassed enormous wealth, the writer said, adding that international activists have called on the international community to act as quickly as possible so that humanitarian aid could benefit this population.

"Thousands of people have been used in the Tindouf camps to give the separatist group the right to humanitarian aid," said Anjaiah, noting that the "polisario" runs the Tindouf camps with an iron fist, categorically rejecting any political opposition.

"Pure dictatorship is exercised by the Polisario in these camps," he noted, expressing his compassion towards the thousands of Sahrawis who have been living in dire conditions in Tindouf for more than 45 years.



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