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The Algerian regime, which created the conflict over the Moroccan Sahara, deliberately maintains this artificial dispute to serve its aims in the region, says the Mexican newspaper "La Voz del Árabe".

In an article signed by the expert in international relations and former Mexican ambassador to Morocco, Andrés Ordóñez, the publication recalls that "Algeria persists, since the creation of the separatist polisario front in 1973, to deny its responsibility in the genesis and perpetuation of the conflict over the Moroccan Sahara, to serve its interests and ambitions."
"The whole world is aware of the fact that Algeria is stubbornly prolonging this artificial conflict, especially through its refusal to count the sequestered in the camps of Tindouf on its territory, by the separatist militias of the polisario," Ordóñez noted.

"Only a minority in the world still tolerates the maneuvers of the Algerian regime regarding the Sahara issue. [...] This country is at the origin of the creation of the separatist front and continues to guarantee its existence and perpetuate its lies now unmasked around the world."

"No one can deny that Algeria wants to seize Moroccan territories to serve its interests, to transit its mining production from the south directly to the Atlantic Ocean and to thwart Morocco and its influence in the region," he said.

It is in this regard that "the polisario project came into being, as a mere puppet moved by Algeria to serve its agenda and its interests," he underlined.

The former diplomat also recalled that the successive personal envoys of the UN Secretary General to the Sahara have confirmed the responsibility and obstruction by Algeria of the UN process for a solution to this regional dispute.

He further noted that the Security Council has also confirmed in its recent resolutions, in particular Resolution 2602, that Algeria assumes full responsibility in the political process aimed at a final settlement of this dispute.

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