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A group of journalists from the Andalusia region (Spain) went to Laâyoune on Tuesday and Wednesday to learn about the level of development in the Laâyoune-Sakia El Hamra region and the economic assets and potentialities in the southern provinces of the Kingdom.

This two-day trip allowed the delegation of Spanish journalists made up of the president of the Huelva Press Association, Juan Fransisco Cabellero, journalist photographer with a long career in the Spanish press, Jordi Landreo and journalist photographer, Julián Prez, author of several publications both nationally and internationally, to learn about the momentum of development and progress experienced by the southern provinces of the Kingdom, particularly the region of Laâyoune Sakia El Hamra at all economic and social, political, tourist and cultural levels.
On this occasion, members of the Spanish delegation were invited to follow a presentation presented by a manager of the Regional Investment Center, in which he detailed, with supporting figures, the main productive sectors of the region which range from from maritime fishing to agriculture, including construction sector, tourism and renewable energies.

Likewise, they held a meeting with the regional tourism delegate, Aicha El Oualia El Alaoui, during which emphasis was placed on the natural assets of the region, its cultural diversity, cultural and architectural heritage and its infrastructure in the field of tourism.

In a statement to MAP, the president of the Huelva press association, Juan Fransisco Cabellero, stressed that this visit offers the opportunity to see first-hand the level of development experienced by the southern provinces of Morocco with the objective of conveying to Spanish public opinion the progress made in the region in recent years.

Mr. Cabellero also said he was “impressed” by the level of development of the southern provinces, particularly in the areas of economy, tourism and innovation, which favors the implementation of projects and Spanish investments.

Same story with the journalist photographer with a long career in the Spanish press, Jordi Landreo, who welcomed the level of development in the region of Laâyoune-Sakia El Hamra, welcoming the all-out reforms undertaken by Morocco in the perspective of improving the living conditions of citizens.

The Spanish delegation had the opportunity to visit several development projects launched in the southern provinces of Morocco, which have recently experienced a remarkable surge in multi-sector development, noted Mr. Landreo.

The delegation of Spanish journalists held a meeting with the President of the Municipal Council, Moulay Hamdi Ould Errachid, during which emphasis was placed on the development boom experienced by the region in different areas and on the democratic process in the southern provinces.

During its stay, the group of Spanish journalists visited the large-scale projects completed and those in progress to learn about the quality of the educational, sporting, socio-economic and health infrastructures as part of the framework of the development model of the southern provinces.

In this context, they visited sports village, municipal library, Olympic swimming pool, women's club and the indoor sports hall, in addition to the City of Trades and Skills, the University Hospital Center and the Faculty of Medicine and pharmacy.

They also went to the seawater desalination station in the commune of Al Marssa, port of Laâyoune and processing unit of fishery products.

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