tourisme2.jpgThe region boasts huge tourist potentials, such as the diverse desert landscapes, especially the coastline extending for hundreds of kilometres and offering wonderful beaches and a suitable environment for the promotion of beach tourism, in addition to the tourism of caves and unfamiliarity. The region also has important historical monuments, particularly in Tarfaya, such as the Portuguese Casamar, the statue of Saint Exupéry and the Spanish minaret in Boujdour. In spite of such richness in landscapes and the socio-economic aspects, the region still lacks essential tourist infrastructure such as hotels, ports, places of entertainment and camps. Fields that need to be developed in the region basically concern sport fishing, adventure tourism and coastal tourism. In 1988, the number of hotels in the region was 8 classified hotels, 21 non-classified hotels, 1415 beds, including 729 classified beds. Most of these hotels are in Laâyoune, which in its own accounts for 94.3% of the total of non-classified hotels and 100% of classified hotels of the region.

In view of its tourist specificities and its proximity to the tourist poles of Agadir and the Canary Islands, the region is invited to play a dynamic role in the promotion and support of tourism.
However, the contribution of this sector to the social and economic development is below the required level; hence the need to devise an action plan focusing both on the restoration of the tourist sites known at the level of the region, and on the development of tourist structure currently centred in Laâyoune. The passage of the international rally, Paris-Dakar, constitutes an event that would promote the Moroccan Sahrawi tourist product.


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