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Life in the Sahara used to be particularly characterized by caravans and nomads moving around in search pastureland. However, things are changing now with the unprecedented fast-growing urbanism and developments taking place throughout the region.

In 1976, the existing centres then lacked cohesion and harmony and were not numerous enough in addition to their lack of basic services and sanitation. To face up to this situation, the government authorities have made huge efforts, over three decades at the level of human and financial resources, to contribute towards the radical transformation of the structure and the look of the Sahara cities.

In terms of the needs of the population for the development of the urban centers, new trends have been thought out regarding the area of urban planning. Studies have been conducted in different areas so that basic facilities are evenly distributed.

One of the most important things that the government authorities have made sure to carry out is to make sure that the whole region is developed up to the standards of the other cities throughout the kingdom despite the fact that the conditions in the Southern provinces require further efforts and sacrifices.

The first change observed after 30 years of sustainable work was the on-going positive perception of the citizens of the administration, along with the social welfare of the people and the economic growth of the region.

The Sate has done its utmost to lay down the grounds of local public administration despite the setbacks of starting from scratch in order to achieve these objectives in view of the huge gap in this respect.

In this regard, many positive results have been achieved reflecting the significant efforts of the State. In fact, the State has laid down the grounds for public administration, and the external departments of the ministries, in addition to the regional apportionment of the Southern provinces and the division of electoral districts and local communes.


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