King and People's Revolution Day, great phase in the history of Morocco
| 8/19/2015
The Moroccan people celebrates on Thursday 62nd anniversary of the King and People's Revolution, a great phase in the history of Morocco, which illustrates the binding links between Moroccans and glorious Alawite Throne.


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| 8/13/2015
34 anniversary of the recovery of Oued Eddahab: promoting territorial integrity and comprehensive development
The Moroccan people celebrated Sunday the 34nd anniversary of the recovery of the province of Oued Eddahab, a historic event that reflects the struggle waged jointly by the throne and the people for the completion of the territorial unity of Morocco and the sovereignty of the Kingdom.
| 7/28/2015
Autonomy in the Sahara, " most realistic" solution to break the current deadlock (Polish Think-Tank)
The Sahara autonomy under Morocco's sovereignty is the "most realistic" way out of the current impasse, says the Polish Centre for International Relations, a think tank based in Warsaw.
| 7/27/2015
Economic and Social Development Agency achieved over 3000 projects since 2004 in southern provinces
The Agency for Economic and Social Promotion and Development of the southern provinces was a wise decision by HM King Mohammed VI on the occasion of the visit to the southern provinces in March 2002, to establish emerging economic centers taking into account the tangible and intangible and human capital of the region, said the Minister Delegate to the Minister of Interior, Mr. Cherki Drais.



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