Wednesday, March 29, 2017  
Polisario Dictatorship like the one described in 1984 by Georges Orwell (Spanish analyst)
| 3/28/2017
Saadani Maouelainine, Corcas member: "No one uses dictatorship to protect revolution, if not that revolution is used to establish dictatorship"

Spanish analyst Clara Riveros, Latin American business specialist, compared the tragedy of Saadani Maouelainin, member of the Royal Advisory Council for Saharan Affairs (Corcas), in Tindouf camps, to events reported by Georges Orwell In his famous novel, "1984", which tells the story of the single party that ruled in the name of "Big Brother", and which strengthened its power, by means of terror, hatred, sequestration, torture, assassination and falsification of history in the name of patriotism and revolution.


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| 3/27/2017
Polisario fails to participate in UN ECA meeting in Dakar
Morocco failed on Saturday in Dakar involvement by a representative of Polisario separatists in the works of a meeting of the UN Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) which was postponed sine Die.
| 3/23/2017
Corcas participates in Geneva at High-level Panel on Dialogue in presence of President Macky Sall
Macky Sall Award Launched to Promote Peaceful Conflict Resolution in Africa

The representatives of the Royal Advisory Council on Saharan Affairs (Corcas) at the 34th session of the Geneva Human Rights Council, Saadani Maouelainin, Moulay Ahmed Mghizlat and Hassan Sbai participated March 21, 2017 in the High Level Panel Organized by CIRID on the sidelines of the session in Geneva chaired by President of Senegal, Mr Macky Sall.
| 3/22/2017
Third Crans Montana event in Dakhla ends with more than 1,500 participants
Morocco is the only "safe and stable" country in the region where it is possible to tackle, without complexes, vital issues for Africa and Africans

The works of the 28th session of the prestigious Forum Crans Montana (FCM) ended Monday night aboard the cruise ship GNV Rhapsody after five days of intensive and fruitful discussions on African development and South-South cooperation.



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