Morocco Takes Note of UNSC Resolution, Severe Setback for UN Secretariat General's Maneuvers
| 5/2/2016
Kingdom remains committed to international peace and stability,vigilant against attempts to harm its legitimate interests

Morocco takes note of the resolution adopted Friday by the UN Security Council on the Sahara issue, which constitutes a "severe setback for all the maneuvers of the UN Secretariat General", the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation said Friday.


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| 5/2/2016
Morocco will take part in donors briefing for populations in Tindouf camps
We cannot ask the international community to continue to fund camps without knowing the occupants, without considering differentiated needs

Morocco intends to take part in the briefing of donors the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has convened for the populations sequestered in Tindouf camps, said Friday's UN Ambassador, Representative Standing of Morocco to the UN Omar Hilale.
| 4/26/2016
President of the Dakhla-Oued Ed-Dahab region held talks with representatives of SC members
Autonomy represetns "for us, as representatives the best solution that ensures development, security and stability" in the Sahara region

The president of the region Oued Ed-Dahab El Dakhla Khattat Yanja held on Monday at the headquarters of the UN, several meetings with representatives of state members of the Security Council.
| 4/22/2016
Hungary supports autonomy solution proposed by Morocco
Hungary "supports autonomy solution proposed by Morocco as part of the UN process," said the Hungarian Ambassador to Morocco, Miklos Tromler, in an interview published Wednesday in the newspaper "L'Opinion".



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