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 College of Commissioners Adopts Exchange of Letters Including Moroccan Sahara in Morocco-EU Agriculture Agreement  6/11/2018
The College of Commissioners adopted, Monday, the exchange of letters which includes the Moroccan Sahara in the agriculture agreement between Morocco and the European Union (EU), said the European Commission.

 Polisario Fails to Deceive European Parliament  6/8/2018
Polisario, entity with no legal identity nor legal personality not  recognized by any memeber state has lost the case the court requesting it to pay costs

Ironically. What was announced by posters and leaflets distributed as as a pro-Polisario "great interparliamentary conference" turned into a nightmare for the enemies of territorial integrity and handful of MEPs supporting it.

 EPP Does Not Endorse Position of Youth Association About Sahara  6/5/2018
The European People's Party (EPP), the leading political force at the European Parliament denied on Monday the content of a document adopted by members of an association of its youth branch on the Sahara issue.

 Andean Parliament Expresses ‘Full Support’ for Morocco’s Autonomy Plan  6/1/2018
The Andean Parliament, which met in the Chilean city of Pucón (south), has unanimously expressed its "full support" for the autonomy plan presented by the Kingdom of Morocco as a solution to the artificial conflict over the Moroccan Sahara.

 Brazilian Chamber of Deputies Invalidates Shady & Unwelcome Pro-polisario Maneuver  6/1/2018
The Brazilian Chamber of Deputies declared null and invalid a pro-polisario maneuver initiated by hostile circles to Morocco who wanted to create a "parliamentary front" in support of the polisario.

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