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 Trinidad &Tobago Supports Mutually Acceptable Political Solution  10/19/2018
Trinidad and Tobago supported a just, lasting and mutually acceptable political solution to the Moroccan Sahara at the 4th Committee of the United Nations General Assembly, currently being held in New York.

 Guatemala Stresses Need to Resolve Sahara Conflict for Maghreb Stability & Security  10/19/2018
Guatemala stressed on Monday, October 9, before the 4th Committee of the United Nations General Assembly, that the resolution on the Moroccan Sahara remains necessary for stability, security, peace and integration of the Maghreb region.

 Gabon Welcomes "Credible Reassuring" Prospects of Morocco's Autonomy Plan in Sahara   10/18/2018
Gabon reaffirmed on Monday before the 4th Committee of the United Nations General Assembly, its favorable position to the Moroccan autonomy plan which presents "credible and reassuring" prospects in order to reach a durable political solution to the Sahara conflict.

 UAE Reaffirms Support for Morocco’s Territorial Integrity  10/18/2018
The United Arab Emirates reaffirmed, Monday before the 4th Committee of the UN General Assembly, its "steadfast position in support of Morocco’s territorial integrity".

 Participation of CORCAS Member Saadani Maouelainin in Cultural and Human Rights Activities in Chile  10/17/2018
Saadani Maouelainin, an activist and member of the Royal Advisory Council for Saharan Affairs (Corcas), recently participated in a series of activities organized by the Mohammed VI Cultural Center for Dialogue of Civilizations in Chile, with the participation of the United Nations, the Moroccan Embassy in Santiago and women activists from Moroccan and Latin American civil society.

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