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 Iran Opens up New Front by Training & Funding Rebel Group in North Africa, The Sun  5/30/2018
Iran opens up new front in global battle against Western allies by funding rebel group in North Africa, wrote British daily "The Sun".

 Othmani: Morocco Continues to Score Points Internationally  5/29/2018
Morocco defends with firmness its territorial integrity and condemns provocations which show that embarrassed Polisario and its ally chose to forge ahead blindly

The Kingdom of Morocco continues to score points in all international forums regarding its national cause, thanks to the dynamics of Moroccan diplomacy conducted under the personal leadership of HM King Mohammed VI, said, Monday in Rabat, head of government, Saad Eddine El Othmani.

 Experts Analyze at European Parliament Setback by Morocco's Opponents in "Cherry Blossom" Case  5/28/2018
Experts on international law and human rights discussed on Thursday at the European Parliament in Brussels the ins and outs of "Cherry Blossom" ship.

 Polisario's Provocations in Buffer Zone Undermine UN efforts for Solution to Moroccan Sahara (Polish newspaper)  5/25/2018
Polisario's provocations in the buffer zone undermine UN efforts to reach a fair and realistic solution to the Moroccan Sahara issue, the Polish online newspaper "Polskie media" said Thursday.

 Polisario Violates Security Council Resolutions in Tifariti (Colombian Think Tank)  5/24/2018
Polisario's provocative actions in Tifariti are a violation of the latest Security Council resolutions, wrote the Colombian think tank CPLATAM, which specializes in political and strategic analysis in Latin America.

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