Tuesday, August 14, 2018  


 39th Anniversary of Oued Eddahab Recovery  8/13/2018
The Moroccan people commemorate tomorrow, Tuesday, August 14, the 39th anniversary of the recovery of the province of Wadi Eddahab, a glorious epic in the history of the Kingdom for the completion of its independence and territorial integrity and an opportunity to confirm the unwavering commitment of the Moroccan people to the Alawite throne as an expression of their constant mobilization in the service of the national cause.

 Vatican Says its Position 'has not Changed', Condemns Political Exploitation  8/13/2018
The Holy See's position on the Sahara issue "has not changed," said the Vatican's official representation in Morocco.

 UN Security Council Asks Horst Köhler to Consult Morocco on Relaunch of the Political Process  8/10/2018
At the end of the Security Council's closed consultations on Wednesday afternoon on the Moroccan Sahara issue, Britain’s deputy U.N. ambassador, Jonathan Allen, whose country chairs the Council for this month, made a brief statement to press correspondents on the discussions between the Personal Envoy of the Secretary General, Horst Köhler, and members of the Security Council.

 Personal Envoy of UN Secretary General briefs Security Council   8/9/2018
No Solution to Sahara Issue without Consulting Morocco and Involvement of Algeria

The Personal Envoy of the UN Secretary General for the Moroccan Sahara, Horst Köhler, briefed on Wednesday the UN Security Council.

 Chilean Civil Society Delegation Welcomes Socio-Economic Progress in Southern Provinces  8/6/2018
A Chilean delegation composed of representatives of civil society and political actors welcomed on Friday in Laayoune progress made in socio-economic terms in the southern provinces of the Kingdom in recent years.

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