Tourism Wins Over Covid-19 in Dakhla!   8/7/2020
While many people have changed or canceled their plans, following the announcement of the closure of eight cities in the Kingdom to combat the spread of Covid-19, the vast majority of tourists who had planned to visit Dakhla have maintained their trip.

 Two Italian NGOs Request Clarifications on Diversion of Aid by Algeria and Polisario  8/7/2020
The scandal of the diversion by Algeria and the "polisario" of food aid intended for the populations held against their will in the Tindouf camps has experienced a new twist in Italy after two human rights associations called for clarification on this matter.

 Consciousness Grows at European Parliament about Embezzlement of Humanitarian Aid by Polisario and Algeria  8/6/2020
The conscience triggered some time ago at the European Parliament about the continued diversion of humanitarian aid, intended for people held in Tindouf camps, by Polisario and Algeria continues and is strengthening.

 Exacerbation of Security Crisis in Tindouf due to Polisario Involvement in Trafficking and Terrorism  8/5/2020
The security crisis in the Tindouf camps has worsened recently due to the involvement of Polisario elements in organized crime activities and their relations with terrorist organizations in the Sahel, underlined Mohamed Tayyar, researcher in political studies.

 Moroccan Autonomy Initiative One and Only Solution to Regional Dispute over Moroccan Sahara   8/4/2020
Bulgarian journalist Anton Stefanov and Hungarian university professor Joszef Steier have underlined the open, realistic, practicable and durable aspect of the Moroccan Autonomy Initiative as they participated in the "Sahara Debate", a citizen-run show broadcasted on social media.

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