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The Kingdom of Bahrain stressed, Saturday in New York, the need to "support the negotiation to find a consensual and definitive political solution to the Sahara issue within the framework of the national sovereignty of Morocco."

This position was reiterated in a speech delivered on behalf of the Kingdom of Bahrain by Foreign minister, Sheikh Khalid Bin Ahmed Bin Mohammed Al Khalifa, during the 72nd session of the UN General Assembly.

This solution, the Bahraini minister said, should "be based on the resolutions of the Security Council, which stressed the importance of the Moroccan autonomy initiative and called on all parties to cooperate fully with the United Nations in this direction.”

The Bahraini official also noted that his country is strongly convinced that the consolidation of stability and security in the Middle East and around the world requires a common political will and a serious and integrated work from everyone that guarantee respect for the foundations on which relations between States are based.

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