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The Ambassador, Permanent Representative of the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the United Nations, Ignace Gata Mavita, reiterated Monday at the UN headquarters the support of his country to autonomy plan which constitutes the only framework for a solution of compromise to the artificial dispute around the Moroccan Sahara.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo considers it necessary "to support the initiative of the Kingdom of Morocco in favor of autonomy, as the Security Council deemed it to be serious and credible, as the basis for the ongoing political process and the only framework for a compromise solution to this conflict, "Mavita told the 4th UN Committee.

The RDC diplomat stressed the need to capitalize on the dynamism created by this initiative "to achieve a just, lasting and acceptable political solution."

The DRC, he added, urged the parties to show "realism and a spirit of compromise to move forward in the negotiations, and encouraged the countries of the region as well as the international community to support this process with a view to a final solution to the crisis ".

The diplomat called for "respecting the will of the Saharawi people who expressed themselves in favor of autonomy within Morocco", noting that this wish was "confirmed by the participation, on 7 October 2016 , of the population of the Moroccan Sahara in the national legislative elections ".

In addition to the advantage of regrouping families who have been divided for more than 40 years because of the conflict, Mavita stressed that this option will help "stop the recruitment of many desperate Saharawi youth by extremist armed groups ".

The RDC ambassador urged the international community not to "yield to discouragement, still less to remain immobilized before the long suffering of the Sahrawis".

He called on the United Nations to support the ongoing political process "under the auspices of the United Nations Secretary-General and the facilitation of his Personal Envoy, with a view to reaching a negotiated and mutually acceptable solution, as recommended by the various Security Counci resolutions".

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