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Burundi called Monday in New Yorkon parties concerned to give priority to a political solution based on realism and spirit of compromise to resolve the Sahara conflict and thereby contribute to stability and security in the Sahel.

Speaking before the 4th UN Committee, Ambassador, permanent representative of Burundi to the UN, Albert Shingiro, called on the parties concerned to engage in "real negotiations" under the auspices of the UN Secretary-General and to favor a "mutually acceptable negotiated political solution based on political realism and spirit of compromise".

The solution, the Burundian diplomat noted, should be "in accordance with the requirements of Security Council resolution 2351" adopted in April 2017, through which the UN executive body reaffirmed that the political solution of this dispute and the strengthening of cooperation between the countries of the Arab Maghreb Union "will contribute to stability and security in the Sahel region".

In this regard, Mr Shingiro warned of the "rising instability and insecurity in the Sahel and its periphery", stressing that this situation "urgently calls for the settlement of this persistence conflict that hinders further integration of the Maghreb which becomes more urgent than ever ".

Burundi stressed the "need" to address the Sahara conflict within the framework of a "regional strategy", deeming it "extremely important" to take the regional dimension into account in any approach to find a mutually acceptable political solution to the Sahara issue.

In addition, Shingiro stressed that his country supports "the flagship parameters established by the Security Council's consecutive resolutions since 1754 (2007) to resolution 2351 (2017)." He added that "it consolidates the previous achievements on which the new Special Envoy (UN Secretary-General for the Sahara) will be able to carry out his mandate".

The Burundian ambassador concluded by inviting parties "primarily concerned by the Sahara issue" to work relentlessly with the UN Secretary General in order to achieve a "negotiated, just political settlement , sustainable and mutually acceptable ".

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