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Moroccan plan "in conformity with the principle of self-determination and aspirations of Sahara population"

Gambia affirmed on Monday before the 4th Committee of the UN General Assembly, its full support for the Moroccan autonomy plan, which "takes into account the aspirations of the Sahara population".

"Gambia welcomes and fully supports Moroccan autonomy plan (...) which constitutes a realistic, credible and time-aware road map for resolving this dispute", said representative of the Commission Gambia to this body.

The Moroccan initiative, she said, "is in line with the principle of self-determination as it takes into account the aspirations of the population of the Moroccan Sahara," stressing that autonomy is a " a reliable compromise solution that has the potential to guarantee security and stability in the Maghreb"

The Gambian diplomat also expressed on that occasion her country's great admiration for the positive measures taken, in particular by the Kingdom of Morocco, to ensure that the political process remains committed and focused on finding a lasting solution to the problem. dispute over the Moroccan Sahara.

Gambia remained convinced that the Sahara issue is "a purely political problem that can only be resolved through political dialogue and promotion of better understanding and cooperation among all stakeholders ".

It also affirmed that the continuing spirit of commitment and compromise demonstrated by the Kingdom of Morocco at this level is a "clear indication of its attachment to the ongoing UN process and general will to find a lasting solution to this conflict ".

Gambia representative highlighted "substantial progress made by Morocco towards its human rights obligations in the Sahara", while congratulating the Moroccan government for its "efforts to create an environment inclusive for the inhabitants of the Sahara to participate in the democratic deadlines at the national, regional and communal levels ".

"We are also encouraged by the Moroccan government's long-term vision for peace and development in the Sahara region through the $ 7.7 billion investment in the new South cooperation, which is expected to contribute significantly to the process of peacebuilding and creation of opportunities for economic growth and employment, "she said.

The Gambian diplomat noted, however, that the humanitarian situation of the people of the Tindouf camps remains a "major concern for my delegation and should constitute a reminder to launch an urgent action by the parties concerned in order to guarantee respect for international humanitarian law" .

She concluded by reiterating "strong commitment of Gambia to an urgent solution to the Moroccan Sahara issue", stressing that her country calls on all the stakeholders to support the Moroccan autonomy plan for the achievement of peace and security in the region.

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