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In response to the insidious reference to the Moroccan Sahara by the Algerian delegation during the debates on information-related issues, the representative of Morocco, Mr. Yasser Halfaoui laid bare the Algerian attitude, denouncing the relentlessness of this country on Moroccan Sahara issue, mentioning it even though it is not on the agenda of debates.

Following Algeria's request to dig up a 1975 report on the Sahara issue, the Moroccan representative expressed the surprise of his delegation, not only by the malicious selectivity of Algeria, but also by the nature of the demand. , contrary to UN  practice and rules, adding that the content of UN sites is the exclusive responsibility of the UN Secretariat and not of Algeria or any other member state.

The Moroccan delegate went on to say that Morocco could also have asked for the publication of UN documents reflecting the degree of involvement of Algeria in the Sahara issue, notably the Algerian proposal to partition of the territory of the Moroccan Sahara made to former Personal Envoy James Baker, duly recorded in a report of the Secretary General to the Security Council.

"Morocco does not follow this logic, and respects the theme of he debate and mandate of the Department of Information," he said. The Moroccan diplomat also highlighted the support of the international community for the Moroccan autonomy initiative, described as serious and credible.

In addition, in response to false truths uttered by the Algerian representative on the Green March, Mr. Halfaoui reminded the audience of the peaceful and historic glorious nature of the Green March, in which Morocco has recovered its southern provinces. He exposed before the members of the United Nations the ordeal of the people of Tindouf in Algeria, who are not refugees but sequestrated.

The Moroccan diplomat also stressed that the the Moroccan Sahara was a question of completing the territorial integrity of the Kingdom and not a question of decolonization.

He took the opportunity to strongly challenge the observer status shamefully brandished by Algeria, adding that it is this country created Polisario, finances and mobilizes its diplomatic and military apparatus against Morocco. He noted that Algeria's attitude is additional proof that it is, in its own right, part of the regional dispute over the Moroccan Sahara.

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