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"Rabat Declaration", which was unanimously approved Tuesday by members of the 35th session of the Forum of Speakers of Parliaments of Central America and Caribbean (FOPREL), calls for support for efforts to achieve a a peaceful, final and negotiated solution to the Moroccan Sahara through dialogue and respect for the decisions by the UN Security Council, while preserving the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Kingdom of Morocco in accordance with FOPREL principles.

This statement also referred to the principles and objectives of the legislative institutions of FOPREL and Morocco member countries that promote regional peace and security and economic integration based on sustainable development, democracy and social prosperity of peoples. .

It also welcomed the process of democratization and implementation of policies of decentralization, participatory democracy, strengthening and protection of human rights carried out by the Kingdom and the various member countries of FOPREL with a view to introducing the principles of sustainable development and ensuring broad integration of different social strata into the overall development effort.

In addition, the document praised the efforts of Morocco and FOPREL member countries in the fight against terrorism and advocated for a comprehensive approach to the phenomenon of emigration based on the fight against discrimination and reinforcement of human rights values, tolerance, protection of human rights and solidarity between peoples.

In this regard, participants at this meeting announced the adoption of an approach based on human security and facing common challenges represented by terrorism, organized crime, human trafficking, emigration, as well as climate change.

In addition, they stressed the need to work together on all issues of common interest, in particular in the process of setting up the initiative of the Moroccan Parliament to create an African and Latin American parliamentary forum.

The speakers stressed, on the other hand, on the need to get involved in the global efforts to design an international charter of emigration, under the supervision of the United Nations, and support the aspiration of Morocco to welcome the International Charter of Emigration and Development, in addition to setting up a regular mechanism for monitoring the implementation of the recommendations of this declaration under the supervision of General Secretaries of the Parliament of the Kingdom of Morocco and FOPREL.

It should be recalled that FOPREL, to which Morocco acceded in 2014 as an observer, is composed of the speakers of the parliaments of 10 member countries: Guatemala, Belize, Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

FOPREL, headquartered in Managua, capital of Nicaragua, was established in 1994.

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