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Saadani Maouelainin, member of the Royal Advisory Council for Saharan Affairs (Corcas), participated in the International Congress "Education and Culture of Peace" organized by the International Network of Educators for a Culture of Peace (RIECP) and International Training and Upgrading Service (SERCAP).

The meeting was held in Lima, Peru, November 27 through 29 2017, under the theme: "Quality education, challenges and opportunities for building a culture of peace among nations".

The main objective of this meeting is the creation of a space for reflection and critical analysis on the various issues concerning current education and prospects of developing a culture of peace and human coexistence.

The meeting concerns academics, researchers, students as well as professionals immersed in the educational reality.

The meeting is organized around lectures and workshops as well as working sessions.

Ms. Saadani Maouelainin contributed to a conference on the theme of protecting and promoting the right of the child to ensure a better world, taking into account the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, a goal we should promote for children. .

Alongside Ms. Maouelainin, several eminent researchers participated in the conferences, including Professors Saul Rosas Ferrufino, Rector of the Gabriel René Moreno University of Bolivia, Jorge Gaviria LLevano, Vice President of the Free University of Colombia, Enrique Renteria Castro representing the federation of Unesco Clubs of Mexico, Luisa Villanueva Alvarado, rector of Private University Sergio Bernales of Peru, Bertin Koovi consultant in the economic field and former presidential candidate in Benin in 2016, Mariela Perez Salazar, director of " Centro Integral Educativo "(Integral Educational Center) of Mexico, José Caetano Tavares of the Brazilian Center for Scientific Research, Ileana Molo Alvarado of the Panama Human Rights Network and Daniel Gonzalez Perea psychologist coach and organizational advisor.

At the end of this congress Saadani Maouelainin won several awards and tributes in recognition of her efforts in favor of education for peace and human rights, including the title of "Ambassador for Education and culture of peace. "

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