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Columbian Senate backs "the initiative of king Mohammed VI to grant substantial autonomy to the Southern Provinces within the framework of Moroccan sovereignty."

  In a motion passed unanimously, the Foreign Affairs, national defense and security and foreign trade commission, which considers the Sahara as a province of southern Morocco, says this initiative constitutes a "fundamental step to consolidate the integration process of Maghreb countries and political stability, and reinforce security conditions and economic growth of this region." 

    This initiative is meant to settle the dispute over the former Spanish colony that was ceded by Madrid to the Kingdom under the 1975 Madrid Accord. The Polisario separatists, backed by Morocco's eastern neighbor, Algeria, are seeking independence of the territory.

    The commission also stresses the importance of multilateral institutions such as the UNO to reach a peaceful solution to disagreements, supporting "the UN Security Counci'’s efforts aiming to reach a peaceful and negotiated solution to the conflict."  

    In this motion, the commission reiterates the Columbian stance voiced by the Foreign minister in a joint declaration at the end of the 1st Columbian-Moroccan joint commission, held on April 24 in Bogotá, reaffirming support to the UN efforts aiming to find a "final, consensual and negotiated political solution" to the Sahara conflict.

    The commission also backs the UN Security Council Resolution 1754, calling upon the parties to enter into negotiations in order to “reach a just, lasting and mutually accepted solution.”



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