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Papua New Guinea stressed, before the 4th Commission of the UN General Assembly, that the autonomy plan, presented by Morocco in 2007, constitutes an "initiative in the right direction"  to solve the conflict of the Moroccan Sahara.

The autonomy plan is an "initiative in the right direction, in accordance with Security Council resolutions, and in spirit of compromise", stressed the Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Papua New Guinea, at the UN, Max Rai.

The Papuan diplomat stressed his country's support for the ongoing political process under the aegis of the UN Secretary-General, "which called for a political settlement of the issue in a spirit of compromise in line with the recommendations of the 12 Security Council resolutions since 2007 ".

Mr. Rai also addedcthat Morocco had invested nearly $ 8 billion in its Southern Provinces, noting that these investments were likely to "create economic opportunities and jobs and contribute to the improvement of the lives" of Sahrawis.

The diplomat also stressed the need to register the populations of Tindouf camps with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, as recommended by the UN Secretary-General, repeatedly stressed by the Security Council since 2011 .

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