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The Moroccan people will commemorate Saturday, November 18 the 62nd anniversary of the Independence Day, a landmark event in the history of modern Morocco as it embodies the victory of Moroccans who are committed to the throne over the brutal colonizer.

Moroccans are reminded of a chapter of the renewed epic event of the Throne and people in the national struggle. Thanks to the will of the Moroccan people and the leadership of the Throne, forces of colonialism were overcome and forced to recognize their legitimate rights, with the return of late King Mohammed VI and royal family from exile in 1955 ans independence in 1956.

This achievement was only the beginning of the liberation of the rest of the national territory, especially the southern provinces, where His Majesty the late King Mohammed V paid special attention to it and provided full support for the formation of the Liberation Army.

 His Majesty the late Hassan II continued the battle to complete the territorial integrity. During his reign, Sidi Ifni was restored in 1969, the Moroccan Sahara was restored in 1975 thanks to the Green March and the completion of territorial integrity was restored by the return of Oued Eddahab August 14, 1979.

Under the wise leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, Morocco is witnessing a number of reforms in various fields, and has opened major workshops, in parallel with the continuation of the process of establishing and maintaining the Kingdom's territorial integrity and fueling its civilization as a country of peace, solidarity, tolerance, moderation and ideal human values.

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