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 Mr. Fassi Fihri calls on Ban Ki-Moon to put an end to ceasefire breach by Polisario   12/13/2007

The Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Mr. Taieb Fassi Fihri called Wednesday on the UN Secretary-General to "include MINURSO in an effort to correct the situation", "against" ceasefire breach "in the Tifariti buffer zone in the Moroccan Sahara. In a letter to the UN Secretary-General, Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, a copy of which was sent to MAP Thursday, 


 Parliament condemns Polisario congress in Tifariti and calls on UN to intervene  12/13/2007
The threat by the Algerian-backed separatist movement "Polisario" to resume armed struggle with Morocco, is an "obstacle" to UN-led peace negotiations to end the 32-year old dispute over the Sahara, according to declaration issued Wednesday at the end of a special session by the two Houses of the Moroccan Parliament.   

 Arab Lawyers reiterate their support to the Moroccan Sahara   12/12/2007

The Arab Lawyers Union (ALU) reiterated Monday night, its firm belief regarding the Moroccanity of the Sahara.  The ALU position was reaffirmed at the end of the second 2007 session of the Union’s Standing Committee, meeting in Cairo. The ALU was the first organization to acknowledge the Sahara as an integral part of Moroccan territory. 


 Morocco denounces provocative and dangerous acts on its territory in Tifariti  12/12/2007

 Morocco has strongly denounced the holding of a so-called congress by the Algerian-backed separatist movement "Polisario" in the buffer zone of Tifariti, in the Moroccan Sahara, deeming it a "violation of the ceasefire agreements" concluded in 1991.


 Malian newspaper strongly denounce "Polisario" decision to hold its congress in Tifariti  12/11/2007

The Malian newspaper "Le Républicain" strongly denounced "Polisario" decision to hold its next congress in Tifariti, stressing that separatists remain faithful to their "systematic defiance" to international law. 


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