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 King appoints conservative Abbas el Fassi Prime Minister   9/21/2007

King Mohammed VI of Morocco on Wednesday appointed Abbas El Fassi, leader of the Istiqlal (Independence) Party, Prime Minister. Mr. El Fassi, 67, whose conservative party won the September 7 legislative elections with 52 seats, was appointed in replacement of Mr. Driss Jettou, a technocrat who led the outgoing government since the 2002 polls. A press release from the King's Office said that the monarch has entrusted the new Prime Minister with holding "wide-scale consultations" with the different political parties to come up


 Morocco is a respectful country to the principle of human rights, at home in the southern provinces  9/19/2007

Morocco is a respectful country to the principle of human rights, at home in the southern provinces,  different delegations who  went to the Sahara have been able to  circulate freely, and noticed closely  the peaceful life in the region, underlined the Moroccan ambassador , and permanent representative at the UN in Geneva Mr Mohamed Loulichki; In an explanation before the human rights council after a one-sided intervention of the representative of an NGO in favour of the opponents of Moroccan territorial integrity,


 New exchange of family visits from and to SMARA province  9/17/2007

 The process of exchange of family visits led by the high commission of refugees (HCR) betweenTindouf camps, south of Algeria, and south of Morocco’s provinces was revived last Friday by organizing the thirty one travel, from and to the province of SMARA. This revival of the process of family visits happens after a month suspension for logistic reasons according to a statement by the Moroccan coordination office with the MINURSO, indicating that the present exchange has known the participation of 68 beneficiaries belonging to 19 families.


  The chairman of the CORCAS meets a high-ranking Danish official   9/13/2007

The chairman of the CORCAS Mr Khalihenna Ould Errachid held discussions, yesterday afternoon at the council’s headquarters in Rabat with the head of the middle –east and North Africa department at the Danish foreign affairs ministry.
Mr Thomas Anker Christiensen. At the time of this meeting, the Chairman of the CORCAS explained the mission and goals of the council, which aim at the promotion of an overall reconciliation between all Sahraouis whether they are inside or outside the Kingdom of Morocco.


  The highest participation in the legislative elections registered in the Sahara   9/10/2007

The Moroccan conservative Istiqlal party has won the biggest number in the 325 seat house of representatives following Friday’s legislative elections. Although the percentage of participation was around 37 % at the national level ,it is worth mentioning that the  degree of participation  particularly in the southern region of Morocco has known an outright  increase, in fact it has reached 62 % in the area of ( OUED EDDAHB-LAGOUIRA), 58 % in the region of ( GUELMIM-ESMARA), and around 50 % in the area of (LAAYOUNE-BOUJDOUR)


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